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Machine Readable Passport (MRP) from Nepal - Tips and Guidelines - Your questions and our answers

We are back in this blog after a long time. As there was a change of owner of this blog, it took sometime for us to sort out the issues relating to LOGIN ID and Password. Due to this, we could not attend to some of the comments in our blog earlier. Today, we are going to reply to some of the comments posted by our reader earlier.
WE had published a blog on Machine Readable Passport (MRP) of Nepal earlier. The article can be accessed from http://nepalikabitagajal.blogspot.com/2014/11/machine-readable-passport-mrp-from.html?showComment=1447117475606
In that blog, we had outlined the scheme of MRP and had advised our readers on how they can get MRP passport without much trouble in Nepal. After reading the article on MRP Passport, we have received few questions from our esteemed readers and we are going to respond to their comments and feedbacks:
roshan tamrakar has the following questions:
Hi Sir,

Thanks for your reply. One quick question. Will my existing passport number (handwritten) change when I replace it with MRP?


Our team responds: Roshan Tamrakar Ji, the Passport No. in your new MRP Passport will be entirely different from your old handwritten passport. Therefore, the existing Passport No. (handwritten) will change when you receive a MRP Passport.
Kathmandu link has the following questions:
Dear Sir,

I have already taken recommendation letter from CDO office but the problem is that due to some reason I didn't made my passport from last year.I have still that recommendation letter from CDO office but that is old taken in 10/19/2014,is it still work for the passport?



Our team responds: Manish Ji, Every document will generally have its validity. However, in this case, we are not sure about the duration or validity period of such recommendation. So, we are not aware if we can use old recommendation letter (which is as old as one year) to get a new MRP. 

We are sorry. We do not have information on this. Please contact the nearest CDO Office, or nearest Embassy of Nepal if you are in foreign country or Department of Passport, NarayanHiti Palace, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pari has the following questions:
Hi, I'm also facing same problem. Can you please let me know that can we go back to Nepal with old passport n travel document during December, well if we made travel document does it work to go Nepal and made MRP over their and get back again or not ???

Our team responds: Pari Ji, We are sorry. We do not have information on this. Please contact the nearest CDO Office, or nearest Embassy of Nepal if you are in foreign country or Department of Passport, NarayanHiti Palace, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Normally, they should allow you to return to Nepal on your old passport. However, you should ask this information from Department of Passport, Kathmandu as rules relating to MRP may have been changed.
Bidhan Ojha has the following questions:
Hi, I am a frequent traveler. Current MRP passport has very few pages and I am running out of pages. Previous Handwritten passport has 60 pages but now it has been reduced to 36 pages. Is there provision to get extra pages passport. Normally, in other countries, people can either add pages or apply for big passport at extra cost with lots of pages.

एउटा महत्वपुर्ण सुचना

एउटा महत्वपुर्ण सुचना: अब देखि यो ब्लगमा नेपाली पोइट (घनश्याम खड्का, In Twitter: @npPoet) को कुनै समन्ध छैन. यो ब्लग खगेन्द्र कोइराला, धरान र उनका साथीहरु द्वारा चलाइने छ. अब यो ब्लगलाई सिक्षामुलक ब्लगको रुपमा बिकास गरिनेछ. आउने दिनहरुमा अरु परिबर्तन्हरु देख्न सक्नुहुनेछ.  Thank you!!

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What Indian Papers say about India's Blockade against Nepal?

We are regularly updating on the Indian Paper's reactions on India's blockade against Nepal. We have updated our blog regularly in the past on #IndiaBlockadesNepal and on #BackOffIndia. You can read our previous blog post HERE:http://nepalikabitagajal.blogspot.com/2015/09/update-on-indiablockadesnepal-29092015.html

India has consistently and officially denied that there are any blockades from Indian side. Indian administration has put all the blame on the Nepalese agitators and on the failure of Nepalese government to address the problems by dialogues.

But, as the days were passing, the matter came under more scrutiny of Indian press and many have slammed the Modi's chest thumping policy in Nepal. They have slammed the muscular approach and interference of Modi in Nepal.

We have some of the news items and screenshot on what Indian commentators are telling on Nepal.

The Senior BBC Journalist and the Author Subir Bhaumik has written in The Hindu that India needs no Monroe Doctrine. It has criticised the foreign policy of Indian Government. It has blamed the Modi Government that it is trying to create unnecessary sphere of influence in the neighbourhood by push and shove.

You can read the article here: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/india-needs-no-monroe-doctrine/article7716226.ece

Times of India has reported here http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Nepal-turns-to-UN-over-Indias-blockade-of-trade-point/articleshow/49210855.cms that Nepal has raised the issue of blockade by India in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). As per the News, Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister requested the countries to respect transit rights of landlocked countries like Nepal while commenting on the Unofficial and Undeclared blockade imposed by India on Nepal to push Nepal to accept Seven points Constitutional Amendments in newly passed Constitution.

Times of India has also published an Opinion where it has said that "India is the biggest Loser in the divided Nepal" http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/India-the-big-loser-in-divided-Nepal/articleshow/49190134.cms This sense must have prevailed in TOI as Nepal is closer to opening borders with China which were blocked due to recent earthquakes. The reports in various Media yesterday said that the borders with China should be operational within two weeks. This must have given a dash of pessimism in Indian critics that Nepal may be slipping from India's hand and not everything is going on as per their scripts.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Concern-over-growing-anti-India-sentiment-in-Nepal/articleshow/49190105.cms In this link, Times of India has firther reported that India is concerned with growing anti-India sentiments in Nepal. This was conveyed by India's Ambassador to Nepal in a press meet. However, this was going to happen as India has imposed blockade in Nepal and Nepalese people are not happy with India's interference in Nepal. First of all, India needs to learn to respect Nepal and other neighbours and should not meddle in the internal affairs of Nepal. That will help to create goodwill against India #IndiaBlockadesNepal will only create the more hatred of Nepalese against India.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/Madhesi-border-blockade-sparks-anti-India-feelings-in-Nepal/articleshow/49161720.cms This link in TOI states that there is a growing anti-India sentiment in Nepal. This is due to #IndiaBlockadesNepal.

In this Associated Press (AP) Report filed in TOI in a way confirms that India has imposed an unofficial/undeclared Blockade in Nepal. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/Nepalis-adapt-to-fuel-shortage-by-carpooling-riding-bikes/articleshow/49204208.cms

The report states that after India's unofficial #IndiaBlockadesNepal, Nepali people have found the way of carpooling, sharing and giving lift to each other to save the fuel. Nepal is facing fuel shortage due to blockade imposed by Indian Government which is reportedly not happy that Nepal's sovereign parliament made first ever Constitution without consulting India.

Keshav Pradhan in TOI has another report http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/south-asia/A-fragile-friendship-Hindu-links-are-not-enough-to-keep-India-Nepal-together/articleshow/49202229.cms The report clearly states that though Nepal and India have majority Hindu population, this is not enough to keep a good relationship between these nations. Pradhan is write in his conclusion. What Nepalese demand from India is respect. Nepalese have always asked India to stay away from Nepal's domestic and internal affairs. The current #IndiaBlockadesNepal will only aggravate the relationship between these two countries and there will be more anti-India sentiments in Nepal. Due to #IndiaBlockadesNepal, Nepal must look for diversifying its trade with outside world and must especially be maintaining closer ties with China.

Nepal's digital Media Setopati.com has published a News http://setopati.com/raajneeti/34691/ which says quoting Nepal's Ambassador to India that Indian PM Narendra Modi is very hurt due to the current situation. In the context of #IndiaBlockadesNepal, this is laughable.

Meanwhile, The Hindu Calcutta Edition has a very interesting report here: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/kolkata/article7717213.ece As per the report, one of the senior Nepalese diplomats at Calcutta Consul of Nepal has warned India that it will be Nepal's compulsion to move towards China if India keeps on meddling in Nepal's internal affairs and if India does not stop #IndiaBlockadesNepal.

The Hindu, Calcutta Edition has also another report which states on the prpblems faced by importers of Nepal. http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/kolkata/impasse-a-nightmare-for-cargo-handlers/article7717215.ece As per the reports, thousands of containers are lying stranded in Calcutta Customs and importers are losing the huge amount. Of course, this situation is being created by Madhesh agitation and the problem is further aggravated by current #IndiaBlockadesNepal.

And finally there is a news, though from Nepali Media Setopati.com that India has instructed its officers/authorities to act to open the borders connecting Nepal. http://setopati.com/raajneeti/34685/ Earlier, the reports were such that India had denied any blockade on goods entering Nepal but now, it is very curious to read such news that India has instructed to open border. Therefore, Nepalese twitter sphere is asking this question: How India can open the border/remove the blockade which it never imposed? This corroborates the position taken by Nepal that India had imposed blockade/embargo on goods going to Nepal to have an upper hand to meddle in Nepal's internal affairs.

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Update on #IndiaBlockadesNepal-29.09.2015

Updated 16.55 Hrs on 29-09-2015

When it comes to criticizing of Modi's foreign policy and Blockade on Nepal, many Indian commentators have slammed the current government.

In Asia Times, M.K Bhadrakumar has slammed the Fascist Modi Government. You can read it HERE http://atimes.com/2015/09/india-acquires-a-himalayan-headache-nepal/ He compares the behavior of Indian Administration of today with that of 1980s when India was foolishly interfering in the domestic affairs of Sri-Lanka. Bhadrakumar thinks that India's brazen foolishness is going to cost it as China gets upper hand to play in the Himalayan Nation.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, Rajya Sabha MP from Indian National Congress (INC) slams the fascist and Nazi Modi by using even harsher words. MSA finds the acts of Modi Government childish and has few words of advice to Modi that Modi should stay away from neighbor's domestic affairs. http://www.ndtv.com/opinion/after-pakistan-modi-isolates-another-neighbour-1223237

MSA is right to point out that after Pakistan, Modi has isolated Nepal and it is very difficult for Nepali People to trust Modi and India again. Therefore, the relationships between India and Nepal have come to that point that there will never be trustworthy relationships between South Asia's these two neighbors.

In Outlook Hindi, Nilabh Mishra has written in Hindi that India should be cautious and careful while backing protesters in Nepal. Mishra warns that it is against the democratic policies not to back a constitution which has been drafted by employing the democratic means. You can read it HERE: http://www.outlookhindi.com/view/india-should-be-cautions-in-nepal-4297 (India should be cautious in Nepal in Outlook Hindi)

People's Democracy - mouthpiece of one of the Communist Parties of India term Nepal Constitution as historic. It has praised the features of new Constitution. As per it, the provisions relating to Secularism, Democratic nature of governance, proportional representation and inclusiveness are finest hallmark of the Constitution. It has also slammed the fascist Modi's interference in domestic affairs of Nepal. Read the article from HERE:  http://peoplesdemocracy.in/2015/0927_pd/nepal-constitution-historic-step

Sandeep Dikshit in The Tribune has another sensible piece on Nepal's Constitution. You can read it here: http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/comment/backing-the-wrong-horses-in-nepal/136486.html

As per him, and he is absolutely right that only the Nepalese Women have been partially prejudiced by Nepalese Constitution. Otherwise, the Constitution making was democratic process in Nepal and the outcome has been a progressive and the inclusive Constitution. Slamming the fascist Modi, Mr. Dixit says that small and minor omissions, here and there, in the constitution should not be the reason for India to interfere in Nepal's domestic affairs. He says they are not such biggest crimes committed by Nepalese Parliament to get such an unwelcome ire from India.

Updated 16.35 Hrs on 29-09-2015

A lot of national and international media personalities have backed the #NepalConstitution. They have condemned the #IndiaBlockadesNepal and have supported #BackOffIndia with their writings.

KanakMani Dixit, among the few lone voices from Nepal, has written in The HINDU - Indian Newspaper asking India to adhere to the principles of Panchsheel and has requested the empire of India not to interfere in Nepal's domestic matters. You can read Kanakmani Dixit's "Apply Panchasheel On Nepal HERE

Similarly, Ameet Dhakal has written on Setopati.com calling for India to respect Nepal's sovereignty and democratic practice of promulgation of Constitution. Under "Is India losing sight of thing in Nepal?" Ameet Dhakal has written Here http://setopati.net/opinion/9438/ 

The Article of Ameet Dhakal was also published in Scroll.in and can be read HERE http://scroll.in/article/757547/has-modis-neighbourhood-first-model-forgotten-about-nepal

Updated 16.15 Hrs on 29-09-2015

As mentioned below in our previous post, the Indian Media is only toeing the official Indian government stand on the #IndiaBlockadesNepal but surprisingly, even foreign journalists and News Papers are either silent or have not tried to uncover the facts from the grounds. They are mainly relying upon the reports filed by Indian Press. This is very unfortunate on the part of International Media. They are shying away, most probably due to some fear, from carrying out their duties independently.

Updated 15.15 Hrs on 29-09-2015

Though Nepal is reeling from inhumane and illegal trade embargo imposed by India, the international community and the press has shown a cold attitude towards its coverage and concerns. Most of the India Media is toeing the official line that the situation is due to protesters and none of them had tried to verify the facts from the ground.

The Hindustan Times had sent its "Nepali" Journalist Prashant Jha for the reportage. However, the journalist, despite being a Nepali - whose grandfather had migrated from India/Bihar to Nepal to get chunk of construction contracts from erstwhile royal regime - is known for his pro-India posture. Recently, the Journalist Jha had argued for India's interference in Nepal as Nepal is only partly sovereign as per him. Therefore, as expected, Jha only corroborated the Official Indian stand. The journalist's reports are hardly taken seriously in Nepal these days and we could anticipate what he would have written/reported. Had he filed his report from his comfortable New Delhi Apartment instead of visiting Nepal, we knew that the outcome and narration of the reports would have been same.

Apart from Hindustan Times, no other Indian Journalists has tried to make any efforts to see the reality of Indian blockade in Nepal. They are all relaying what Indian Government is spreading. Though many journalists and newspapers do not see eye to eye with Current Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi - who has been accused of carrying out the grotesque Muslim Massacre in Gujarat in 2002- on domestic and other foreign policies, they have been quiet when it comes to Nepal.

Updated 15.00 Hrs on 29-09-2015

On the guise of Nepalese protests and pointing to the concerns of safety and security of transport owners and workers, India has imposed a blockade on Nepal. #IndiaBlockadesNepal has been the hashtag and the twitter trend in Nepal. We condemn such blockade and embargo put by India to destabilize the tiny Himalayan nation.

Though the arguments of India look attractive on the first glance, the truth is far from what India is arguing. First of all, India has put the embargo on transport of goods from all the borders though the protest is not severe in many borders connecting India and Nepal. Secondly, the reports from the grounds say that the protesters are thriving on the hospitality (food and shelter) given by Indian Public, Indian Government and by Indian SSB (Shasatra Sheema Bal). The reports say that in some places, even SSB of India is encouraging the protesters to throw stones at Nepalese Security Forces. Therefore, it needs to be condemned that India is assisting the protesters and attacking Nepalese Security Forces. On the top of it, India has imposed the Economic Blockade in Nepal.

There is a short supply of fuels and other products in Nepal and it has affected the country who was trying slowly recover from the recent #Nepal Earthquake.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Update on #IndiablockadesNepal


Posted on 26-09-2015 at 20.30 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

Setopati.com has further reported that due to shortage of fuels in Nepal resulted by embargo placed by India, Nepal has requested the flights coming to Nepal to arrange its own fuels. The news can be read HERE: http://setopati.com/samaj/34412/

The news says that Nepal has requested short haul flights to come with enough fuels to fly from Kathmandu but in case of long range flights, Nepal will be providing fuels to them. However, Nepal may not be able to provide the fuel for a long haul flights for a long time if India continues the blockade.

Due to unofficial and undeclared blockade by India on Nepal, there is a huge outrage and anti-India sentiments in Nepal. In the twitter, #IndiablockadesNepal is trending.

Posted on 26-09-2015 at 19.45 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

Due to unofficial and undeclared blockade by India on Nepal, there is a huge outrage and anti-India sentiments in Nepal. In the twitter, #IndiablockadesNepal is trending.

As the blockade has only started, the difficulties in people are yet to be seen. However, as a precautionary measure, Nepal's Home Ministry has asked people to use vehicles on alternate days depending whether the Number plat is even or odd.

As per the news on Setopati.com and on many other portals, the Spokesperson of Home Ministry has issued the release. News can be read here: http://setopati.com/samaj/34411/ Setopati writes that the request has been made by Government spokesperson on general public after "the beginning of shortage of fuels". The fuel shortage has resulted from the blockade imposed by India on Nepal after the former has not allowed the release of vehicles to enter Nepal on the ground of Security Concerns.

It must be noted that India had never raised the security concerns on the goods and vehicles when Nepal was suffering from Maoist's Civil Warn which took the lives of 18,000 people. In the past, even during the Madhesh Aandolan of 2063, India never raised such issues and never obstructed the movement of goods. However, at this point of time, India has raised the security concerns of vehicles and goods only after Nepal went ahead to pass its Constitution by asserting the sovereignty of Nepal. Many analysts say that It has made India angrier as it feels that Nepal is slipping away from its hand and is siding with China. However, Nepal dismisses such concerns of India and has asked India to stay away from big bully exercises and shed its misconceptions in Nepal. The message from Nepal is clear to India, if India understands at this moment, not to interfere in Nepal's domestic and internal affairs.

Posted on 26-09-2015 at 19.15 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

Due to unofficial and undeclared blockade by India on Nepal, there is a huge outrage and anti-India sentiments in Nepal. After the successful visit by Prime Minister Modi earlier, the relationships were on high but it has suddenly slumped.

Nepalese people consider that it is the big brother attitude of India that has put the relationships between the two countries at risk. India has opted to put the embargo, however without saying so, after Nepal did not pay much attention to India's concerns while passing Constitution. Analysts say India is irked from Nepal for not following its advice while passing Constitution by almost 90% majority. Nepalese parties (3 main parties which were instrumental to pass the Constitution)have defended their decision to pass the constitution by majority votes as total consensus on every constitutional issues were not possible.

Many people in Nepal think that India wants to keep Nepal under its control and does not like it when Nepal asserts its sovereignty. One of the demands put by India (presented as the demand of Madheshi Parties) is that naturalized Citizens of Nepal (who will be mostly migrated from India) should be allowed to hold higher posts like of President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice etc. These demands put forth by India (but denied later after the outrage in the Media) gives force to such views in Nepal that India is never comfortable when Nepal asserts its sovereignty without consulting India in every minor points.

Posted on 26-09-2015 at 18.00 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

Nepal Government has concluded that India is blocking movements of goods and fuels inside Nepal on the garb of violence and agitation in Nepali Side. Though India has not officially announced the blockade, and has denied any such news, the conduct of Indian Side shows that it is going ahead with blockade against Nepal. This is the conclusion of Nepal Government after India has refused to allow movements of goods from border points which are least affected or not affected by violence. Nepal's borders like Kakarbhitta in Eastern Nepal, Biratnagar in Morang district and Sunauli in Bhairahawa are not affected at all by the violence and agitation but even there, there is no movement of vehicles coming from India. Therefore, Nepal Government has concluded that it is an "undeclared blockade" by India to Nepal to make Nepal accept the demands of India to make changes in Nepal's Constitution.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Has #India imposed economic blockade/embargo on supplies of goodsto #Nepal after #BackoffIndia??


Posted on 26-09-2015 at 18.00 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

Below are some of the screenshots taken from twitter reactions on India's blockade on Nepal. Though India has not officially announced blockade on Nepal, it has not allowed any vehicles to enter from land border points on the garb of agitations and violence in Nepal. Yesterday, Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam stated that India was not allowing release of any vehicles even from those land customs where there is no agitation or violence. Nepalese Twitter World has responded in twitter as #IndiablockadesNepal hashtag. 

http://nagariknews.com/main-story/story/46080.html As per the Nagarik News Link, #Nepal has asked for clarification from Indian Ambassador in Kathmandu on the reason of not allowing oil tankers from India to Nepal. The news states that the Minister who was there to ask the clarifications stated that the "security threats" on the tankers looked as if "orchestrated by Indian Government". Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kathmandu, Nepal is supposed to release a Statement on asking of clarification from Indian Ambassador soon.

Posted on 25-09-2015 at 16.50 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

As per the latest report, Indian Embassy has accepted that they have imposed an "economic blockade" however, without saying so but the onus of such situation is put on Nepal and Nepalese protesters. They have given the reason of security concerns for resorting to such blockade/embargo on movement of goods. Setopati.com has a report on this from Biratnagar, Morang. Setopati.com writes in its report that Indian customs have stopped the clearance of goods and vehicles and not a single vehicle has entered from India side on the ground of security despite there is no news of violence in any vehicles in the past.
Posted on 25-09-2015 at 16.35 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)
As per the latest reports, India has upped its ante by thrashing drivers of public vehicles and by stopping all supplies bound to #Nepal as per reports in Myrepublica. The news has reported that Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has refused to supply the petroleum products to Nepal unless the unrest in Terai is resolved at political level. It has been also reported that the drivers of empty lorries/tankers have been thrashed by Indian Police on Indian side of the border. The paper further reports that the cadres of Madheshi Morcha (agitators) have been placed at each checkpoint to prove the Indian point that it has not been able to supply the Oils and other essential products due to protests in #Nepal. This is in a way akin to economic blockade by India imposed on #Nepal.

Earlier reports on Myrepublica stated that Nepal Government is going to ask clarifications from Kathmandu based Indian Ambassador on why fewer vehicles are entering from India to Nepal. This shows that Government of Nepal is worried and concerned about India's economic blockade on Nepal.

Posted on 25-09-2015 at 16.15 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

There are various responses on the question of India imposing economic blockade in Nepal on the backdrop of #BackOffIndia. One of the responses is that India has opted for unofficial blockade against #Nepal because it is against the international law to impose blockade officially. It has cited "security concerns" as a ground of not allowing the movements of goods and fuels even in those areas where there is no violence and protests.

As per the news here http://ujyaaloonline.com/news/48517/nigam/, Nepal Oil Corporation Limited has requested the public to use public vehicles and not to keep much of the stocks of fuels. It has blamed the lack of co-operation from "Indian" side in shortage of fuels in Kathmandu. This is due to unofficial blockade imposed by India on Nepal

Posted on 25-09-2015 at 16.05 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

On the light of economic blockade imposed by India on Nepal on the backdrop of #BackOffIndia, the followings must be done by the Nepal Government to maintain peace and security in Nepal and to call for respectable conduct from government.

1. We must do 2 things very urgently:

1.1. Create more entry points from China: If required, Nepal should ask for free labors from its public. Where public can dig roads on plain or in small hilly regions, public help should be taken. Where there is a need of specific technical knowledge, help of Nepal and Chinese Armies and Experts should be taken. If it can be done, then, any economic blockade by India on Nepal will not be that serious and our economy can keep on moving despite not so friendly Indian gestures. However, this should not be an attempt to create dangers for India. We must respect #India's sovereignty.

1.2 Stop Nepali brothers being recruited by Indian Army: This should be adopted as a long term policy goal.

2. There should be wire fence between India and Nepal and Visa should be imposed on both sides.

Posted on 25-09-2015 at 15.55 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

As per the latest reports, India has not said that it has imposed any economic blockade in Nepal but we can see the ominous signs. India has stopped the movements of many vehicles carrying fuels and foods to cross the border towards Nepal. In some border towns, for example, in Birgunj, the protesters have also created the problems.

Some of the international medias have also published news mistakenly saying that protesters have not allowed the movements of vehicles from India to Nepal. However, this is not the case in all the check points between India and Nepal.

The Gulf Times has published the news stating that the Nepalese protestors have not allowed to make movements of goods and vehicles but we must understand that this problem is only on one checkpost.

International Media must understand that Nepal has multiple entry points from India. Major ones are Kakarbhitta in Eastern Nepal, Sunauli in Mid-South Nepal, Biratnagar in East-South Nepal and Birgunj. In first 3 entry points (in the border of KakarBhitta, Jhapa: Biratnagar, Morang: and in Sunauli, Bhairahawaa) #India has unilaterally imposed blockade though no violence and strikes.  In these three border points, there are no protests and violence but Indian authorities (including Indian Customs and Shashatra Sheemaa Bal - Border Security Force, also called BSF or SSB) have not allowed any vehicles to move inside the Nepal territory. It shows that India wants to put economic blockade on #Nepal.

In Birgunj, India and protesters may have been colluded though it is difficult to verify this news independently at the moment. There are some issues of violence by protesters on the Nepali Side and they have created disturbance with regard to movement of vehicles.

Posted on 25-09-2015 at 15.15 Hrs (Nepal Standard Time)

The background: After being unhappy with the promulgation of #NepalConstitution, India has already issued multiple statements. India has blamed Nepal for not taking the confidence of every people of Nepal before promulgating the Constitution. Though the Statute was passed by more than 90% Constituent Assembly members, India says that people in #Terai region of Nepal are still protesting and therefore, the Constitution is not able to take into considerations the aspirations of all people

In one of such statements, India gave a hint that it may impose an economic blockade/embargo on movement of goods and vehicles into Nepal due to security concerns. India has stated in its press release that the vehicles and people of India (who carry fuels, foods, and vegetables on a daily basis to Nepal) are worried about their safety and security due to ongoing violence. After the statement issued by India, there are news that Indian side is obstructing the free movements of goods into India citing security reasons. Many in Nepal think that this is a threat of economic blockade. Many in Nepal concur that India has started a blockade in in Nepal.

What you think? Has India imposed an economic blockade in Nepal? or India is only worried about security and safety of its people?

What is #backoff #India in #Twitter?

It is the twitter rage initiated by Nepali People after India refused to welcome the Constitution that Nepal promulgated on 20 September, 2015. #BackOffIndia was started when Nepalese People were celebrating #WelcomeConstitution and #NepalConstitution. There were other hashtags in twitters. They were: #YesItsourConstitution and the people who protested the New Constitution of Nepal started their hashtags: #NotMyConstitution

The People who had started #NotMyConstitution allege that Nepal Constitution does not give them equal rights as compared people from hills in #Nepal. This is a very contentious and actually a false assertion as #Nepal Constitution gives equal rights to everyone and provides special reservations and Positive Discrimination to many marginalized communities.

Basically, Nepal's Constitution was an internal document prepared by sovereign #Nepal's Parliament for its people. Many People were happy that they were getting secular, federal, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country and its constitution. Government was busy negotiating with different agitators in Nepal and passed its constitution after being ratified by more than 90% of members of Constituent Assemblies in Nepal.

After the #NepalConstitution was passed by CA, major countries around the world have supported it but India did not welcome it. Not only India failed to welcome it or rather chose to unwelcome it, it has gone ahead by issuing statements after statements on how Constitution should have been passed, what should have been included etc. In  some statements, India even accused Nepal that it had suggested ways to handle the internal protests but Nepal neglected such "good " suggestions and finally, issued a threat indirectly that India may have to stop the supplies due to threats created by protests in Nepal. This effectively means India may go ahead to impose economic blockade in Nepal forcing shortages of fuels, medicines, and food supplies and expects Nepal government to surrender to its controversial demands to be included in Nepal's new Constitution.

Due to its open threat and aggression, Nepalese people started protesting in twitter, facebook and in other online and social media by trending #backoffindia and #backoffmodi. #backoffIndia was able to appear as worldwide trend in twitter. That showed that millions of Nepalese did not want to surrender #Nepal's sovereignty to India.

It may bring the hardships to Nepalese People in future as Indian authorities seem to have decided to impose the embargo on movements of vehicles and goods on the pretext of security. How will it shape Nepal-India relationship in the future is a matter of worry for everyone.

Indian intervention Unacceptable in Nepal's internal domestic affairs

Nepal has promulgated new Constitution on September 20, 2015. The Constitution was promulgated by Constituent Assembly-2 where members from all parties of Nepal were elected by people. The Constitution has been welcomed by many counties but India - Nepal's closest neighbour - has given a cold reception.

India has even gone a step further and has released the list of amendments via Media. It has made its intention clear that Nepal can not act independently. Any sovereign act of Nepal will be uncontrolled by India - the message clearly says.

For not welcoming Nepal's Constitution, India has given a reason that Nepal has failed to accommodate the widest possible consensus on the Constitution of Nepal as many people from the plains are not happy with the Constitution. The people from the plains are agitating and therefore, Constitution is not perfect, as per India.

Thereby, India has clearly given a signal that it supports the myriad demands raised by People of the plain even without going into the merits of each demand. It has further sent a message to Nepalese People that it treats Nepal like an another state of India. This is a pathetic and lowly behavior from India and is completely unacceptable to Nepal.

After the news of India's unwelcome of the Constitution of Nepal and further seven demands on Constitutional amendments, Nepalese have trended #BackoffIndia in Twitter. They have clearly given the message that India's interference in Nepal's domestic affairs are completely unacceptable and can not be taken lightly. Since Constitution of Nepal is for Nepalese People, is for people of Nepal, India has no business to suggest us what kinds of provisions should be written in the Constitution. In this context, this blog joins with the millions of the people in Nepal to suggest that India should stay away from Nepal's domestic and internal affairs and any intervention is not at all, acceptable to patriotic Nepalese people.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi had tried to create a new relationship with Nepal and he must bestow the value to such relationship by his actions and not by mere words. Words without being backed up by solid deeds will soon sound hollow and India and Narendra Modi must do good for the stability in South Asia by staying away from Nepal's internal affairs.

संविधानलाइ स्वागत छ

नेपालको संबिधान २०७२ लागु भएको केहि दिन भैसकेको छनेपालको संबिधान २०७२ विक्रम सम्बत क्यालेन्डर अनुसार २०७२ असोज ३ बाट लागु भएको हो(तदनुसार २० सेप्टेम्बर २०१५)ट्विटर मा तत्काल स्वागत गरेपनि ब्लग लेख्न केहि ढिला भएकोमा क्षमा चाहान्छु

सर्बप्रथम ता संबिधान सभा-२ ले नेपालमा धर्मनिरपेक्ष, लोकतान्त्रिक, संघिय संरचना भएको र समाबेसी संबिधान जारि गरेको छ, गर्न सफल भएको छयसका लागी हाम्रा प्रतिनिधि र समस्त जनता लाइ बधाई दिन चाहान्छु।  माओबादीले जनयुद्ध द्वारा स्थापित गराएका एजेण्डा र त्यसपछि का राजा फाल्ने अभियान र मधेश आन्दोलनका उपलब्धि हरुलाई बर्तमान संविधानले संस्थागत गरेको छ।  पूर्ण सहमतिका साथ् संबिधान जारि हुन नसक्नु दुखद हो तर झन्डै ९०% प्रतिनिधि द्वारा पास गरिएको संबिधान कुनै तमासा हैन।  यो नेपालको इतिहासमा जनताले जनताको लागि संबिधान बनाउने चाहना को सफल उदाहरण हो

यो संबिधान विश्व कै प्रगतिशील सम्बिधानहरू मधे एक होयसले हरेक नेपाली जनतालाई सार्बभौम बनाएको छ अनि हरेक नेपाली नागरिकलाइ उनीहरुका हक अधिकार को प्रत्याभूति दिलाएको छसमानुपातिक निर्बाचन प्रणाली एउटा यस्तो बिशेसता हो जसले राज्यका तल्लो भन्दा तल्लो स्तरका जनताको पनि प्रतिनिधित्व आउदो नेपालको हरेक वर्ग र क्षेत्रमा सुनिस्चित गरेको छ।  पिछडिएका जातिको लागि आयोग बनाइ उनीहरुको स्तर उकास्ने पनि ब्यबस्था संविधानमै लेखिएको छ

यति मात्रै होइनदलित र पिछडिएका बर्गको लागि हरेक क्षेत्रमा प्रतिनिधित्व हुन सकोस भनेर नै आरक्षण र समानुपातिक व्यवस्थालाई पनि यो संविधानले बढावा दिएको छकुनै पनि दृस्टीकोणबाट हेर्दा यो संबिधान कुनै देशको भन्दा कम छैन, यो सबै नेपालीको लागि खुसि को क्षण होसमाचारमा आए जस्ता च्यात्ने र जलाउने कुराहरु संबिधानलाइ नपढ़नेहरुले र नबुझ्नेहरुले मात्रै गर्न सक्छन

तर मैले यति भनिरहदा यो पनि नजरअन्दाज गर्न मिल्दैन कि यो संविधानलाई लिएर कयौ गुनासा आयेकाछन।  जस्तै मधेसी र थारु जनताहरु बिषेशत संघिय मोडलमा खुस छैनन्।  यो भनिएको छ की नागरिकताको प्रावधान र निर्बाचन क्षेत्र को निर्धारणमा पनि उनीहरुका गुनासा छन्

जहा सम्म संघिय मोडेलको कुरो छ त्यसबारेमा त संबिधान मै प्रस्ट लेखिएको नै छ की नेपालमा सात संघिय प्रदेश हुनेछन र सिमानाको बाडफाड चाही संबिधान लागु भैसके पछि बन्ने संघिय आयोगले निर्धारण गर्नेछ।  तसर्थ सिमानाको कुरालाई लिएर अहिले कसैले आन्दोलन चर्काउनु जरुरि देखिदैन। 

संघियताको प्रयोग नेपालमा पहिलो हो।  त्यहि भएर यहि मोडेल बनाए ठिक, यति वटा राज्य बनाए ठिक वा यो यो जिल्ला लाइ यो यो राज्यमा राखे ठिक भन्ने खालको कुनै निस्कर्ष सहितको कुनै एउटै बिचारमात्रै सहि हुन् सक्दैनतसर्थ एक्स्पर्ट हरुलाई राखेर सबै राज्यलाई बराबरी श्रोत र साधन उपलब्ध हुने गरि राज्यको खाका कोर्नुको कुनै बिकल्प छैनर यो बिकल्प आन्दोलन ले भन्दा बार्ता, सम्बाद र सहमतिले मात्र प्राप्त गर्न सकिन्छ। 

अब हेरौ नागरिकताको कुरानागरिकताको सवालमा नेपालको संबिधान २०७२ का प्रावधानहरु कुनै देशको कानुनको भन्दा कम छैननेपालमा जन्मिएको, हुर्किएको नेपालीलाई कुनै तवरले नागरिकता लिनमा बन्देज नगरिएको हुदा नागरिकताको सवालमा गरिएको बिरोध केवल बिरोध का लागि वा "बाहिरिया" लाइ खुसि गर्न को लागि गरिएको होनेपालको रास्ट्रियता लाइ घात गर्ने खालको प्रावधान संबिधानमा राख्न नसकिने हुदा नाजायज मागहरुलाई अस्विकार गर्नु भन्दा अरु कुनै बिकल्प नै छैन

गुनासा जे जस्ता हुन्, जहाबाट आएपनि बार्ता र संवादले मात्रै त्यसको समाधान हुनसक्छ।  संबिधान आए लगत्तै भारतको रवैया र उसको ठाडो हस्तक्षेपलाइ नेपाली जनताले चुनौती दिनु जरुरि छ।  र सम्बाद नेपालभित्रै नेपाली जनताको बिचमा हुनु जरुरि छ जसले सबै खाले समस्याको हाल नेपाल भित्रै खोज्न सकोस। 

संबिधान भनेको गतिसिल दस्तावेज हो यसले प्राण बोकेर आएको हुन्छ, त्यसैले यसलाई सजीव मानिन्छ त्यो सजीवताको बलियो पक्ष भनेको समयअनुसार यसलाई परिबर्तन गर्न सकिन्छआवस्यकता अनुसार यसमा थपघट गर्न सकिन्छत्यहि भएर अहिले सबै थोक नासिए जस्तो रुवाबासी गर्नु भन्दा आवस्यक पर्ने परिबर्तनका लागि बहस सार्थक देखिन्छआफ्ना घरका आगनमा कुनै "पडोसी" लाइ नाच्न उक्साउने कुनै पनि आन्दोलन को तुक छैनअहिलेलाई नया संबिधान लाइ स्वागत गरेर अघि बढ्नु नै जायज देखिन्छ।

Sunday, 6 September 2015

के किताबको कभर चोरी भएकै हुन् त?

एउटा सानो बिचार यो बिसयमा खासमा मेरो भन्नु केहि पनि थिएन, भन्नु पनि छैन तर आज केहि समय बचेको छ कामबाट त्यहि भएर एउटा सानो मन्तब्य दीइहालौ भन्ने सोच आयो

हिजोबाट त्वितरमा एउटा हल्ला सुरुभएको छ त्यो हो नेपाली किताब प्रकाशक/लेखकले कभर डिजाइनमा बाहिर का अरुका फोटाहरु चोरेर कभर बनाएका छन् त्यो सुनेर/पढेर हर्ष-बिष्मात केहि लागेन म नेपाली/नेपालबाट छापिने पुस्तकको "टार्गेट अडियन्स" हैन यसको मतलब नेपाली किताब पढ्दै पढ्दिन भन्ने हैनघरमा अरुले नै किनेर राखेका किताब चाही पढ्छु नै तर आफै बजार गएर नेपाली किताब चाही बिरलै किन्छु म यहि कारण ले होला नया बग्रेल्ती खुलेका हाटबजारका टहरा जस्ता किताब लेखक/प्रकाशक सग कुनै आश छैन म सग यति सम्म गिर्लान भनेर सोचेको पनि थियिन। नगिर्लान भनेर आश गर्ने कुनै आधार पनि थिएन/छैनम एकदमै न्युट्रल हो यो मामलामा यो खबरले नेपाली साहित्यको धरातल कम्जोर रहेछ भन्ने चिन्ता आएन मनमा केवल खुल्दुली लाग्यो साच्चै चोरेका नै पो हुन् की "चोरका खन्ति"हरु को कमि नभएको यो देशमा भन्ने

त्यसपछि आकारपोस्टका त्वीतहरु  देखियो उनका त्वीतहरु र त्यहा भएका छलफल अलि टेक्निकल लाग्यो तर साधारण सबैले बुझ्ने भाषामा भन्दा धेरै फोटाहरु अनलाइन किन्न पाइन्छ र ति फ़ोटाहरुलाइ करार बमोजिम कभर डिजाइनको रुपमा प्रयोग गर्नु अन्तरास्ट्रिय प्रयोग नै हो त्यहा छलफल गर्ने केहीले अन्य त्वीतर प्रयोगकर्ता (जसले प्रकासक/लेखकलाई चोरी गरेको आरोप लगाए) को मजाक पनि उडाएको पाइयो। अन्तरास्ट्रिय प्रयोग/नीतिनियम थाहा पाउनुछैन, केवल त्वितर मा अरुलाई चोरिगरेको आरोप लगाए पुग्यो भन्ने खालका आसयका ट्वीट हरु  पनि देखियो

त्यसपछि अझै टेक्निकल त्वीतहरु हेर्न पाइयो अजित बरालको मलाइ थाहा भएसम्म उनि फ़ाइन्प्रिण्ट पब्लिसरसग जोडिएका छन् तर उनको ध्याकर्षण भनेर पोस्ट गरिएको त्व्वित्मा के र कसरि उनको ध्यान आकर्षण भो त्यो बारेमा कुनै कुरो छैन उनको टेक्निकल भाषालाई मैले बुझेसम्म सिम्प्लिफाई गरेर भन्दा उनले पनि फोटाहरु किनेर नै प्रयोग गरेका हुन् (उनको त्वीतमा लाइसेन्स कि र भेक्टर फाइलको कुरो छ) त्यहि भएर कुनै चोरी-सोरी होइन

म कानुन नपढेको मान्छेले पनि अजितको त्वीत पढेर यदि अजितले भनेको सच्चो हो भने (र उनलाई बिश्वास नगर्नु पर्ने कुनै आधार छैन) यो भन्न सक्छु "अजित ह्याज अ स्ट्रंग लिगल आर्गुमेण्ट टु स्ट्याण्ड इन द कोर्ट अफ ल" तर एउटा पाठक को रुपमा चाही उनको क्लारिफिकेशन अलि खल्लो लाग्यो म फेरी दोहोर्याउन चाहन्छु कि म आफैलाई नेपाली पुस्तकको "रिडर" भन्न त रुचाउदिन किनकि म त्यो "ट्याग"लाइ "जस्टिफाई" गर्न सक्दिन"बट फर अ मोमेन्ट, आइ एम स्टेपिङ्ग इन्टु दि शुज अफ अ रिडर अफ नेपाली बुक्स" मलाइ लाग्छ अजितको शंका निवारण गर्न जारि गरिएको पत्रले नेपाली पाठकलाई चाही खल्लो महसुश गराउनेछ

यसो भन्नुमा मेरा दुइटा कारणहरु छन्: पहिलो ता पाठकलाई लाग्छ नै कि यत्रो किताब छापेको छ र (आरोप पनि छ कि आजकालका किताब महंगा भए भन्ने) एउटा "मौलिक" नेपालीपन झल्काउने किताब कभर बनाएका छैनन् लेखक/प्रकाशकले। नेपालीपन झल्काउने र मौलिक नेपाली कभर ले नै नेपाली पुस्तकलाई सोभा दिन सक्छ।  नेपाली पुस्तकको टार्गेट कुनै अन्तरास्ट्रिय मार्केट हैन र जे जस्तो कभर बनाए पनि विदेशबाट फोटो किनेर हाल्नुपर्ने जरुरि पाठकले देख्छन जस्तो लाग्दैन। 

अर्को कुरा फोटो किनेको भन्दैमा पहिले नै अर्को पुस्तक को कभर भै सकेको फोटो नेपाली पुस्तक को पनि कभर बनाउनु चाहि "माल पाएर चाल नपाउनु जस्तै हो" हो प्रकृति, पुतली, पहाड, फुलको फोटो किनियो पनि होला बाहिरबाट तर "अब्स्ट्र्याक्ट" इमेज्हरु जो पहिले नै अर्को कुनै किताबको गाता भै सकेका छन् तिनैलाई नेपाली किताबको गातामा पनि राख्नु चाहिँ पुरै दिवालियापन हो। उदाहरणको लागि हेरौ न मोहन मैनालीको “मान्ठा हराएको जुग” र एरिक ब्राड्फ़ोर्ड एड्रेओन को "अ डान्स विद शाडोज" दुबैको कभर एउटै छ यस्तो काम इथिकल्ली सहि हो जस्तो चाही लाग्दैन मलाइ, एउटा पाठक भएर सोच्दा। फोटो किनेको छ भन्दैमा एउटाको गाता जुरुक्क उठाएर कुनै लाज शरम बिना नै अर्को किताबमा हालेको छ

र अन्त्यमा, सलमान खान द्वारा होस्ट गरिएको गत बर्ष को रियालिटी सो "बिग बोस"मा सलमान भन्ने गर्थे, "डु म्यान, डु व्हाटेभर यु वान्ट टु डु". त्यहि कुरा मेरी स्वर्गबासी हजुरआमा अलि क्रुड भाषामा भन्नुहुन्थ्यो, "जे सुकै गरुन राडा-राडी हरु"! म सोच्दैछु सलमानको इस्टायलमा भनौ या हजुरआमाको लवजमा  

Saturday, 5 September 2015

किन पढ्दिन म लेन्दाइका कथा?

किन पढ्दिन म लेन्दाइका कथा?

लेंदाई कथा लेखिरहनछन । राम्रा कथा लेख्छन । उनको त्वितर मा हरेक हप्ता वा कम्तिमा पन्ध्र दिनमा एकचोटी चर्चा हुने गर्छ । प्राय गरेर उनका कथाको जुन नेपाली रास्ट्रीय दैनिकहरुमा छापिईरहेका हुन्छन । मैले उनको एउटा कथा पढेको छु: सायद मकै थियो शिर्षक वा यस्तै कुनै "मकै पोलेर बेच्ने दिदी" सग सम्बन्धित थियो । मलाइ पनि मन परेको थियो र त्यसबारेमा उनको ब्लगमा पनि कमेन्ट गरेको थिए सायद। त्यसपछि मैले उनका कुनै पनि कथाहरु पढेको छैन मेरो बानि कस्तो छ भने नेटमा म प्राय त्यति साहित्य पढ़दिन। आफ्नो बिषय सम्बन्धि लेख पढ्दैमा समय जान्छ। आजकाल किताबहरु पनि म "फिक्शन" हरु त्यति किन्दिन। मलाइ मनपर्ने पुस्तक हरुका मूल बिषयहरु हुन्छन राजनीति, इतिहास, अर्थसाश्त्र र मानिसका जीवनी-स्वयं लिखित र अरु द्वारा लिखितफिक्शनमा मैले पढ्ने भनेको हिन्दुधर्म र आध्यात्म सम्बन्धि मात्रै हो। तर यसको मतलब यो होइन कि म "फिक्शन" पढ्दै पढ्दिन। नेपाली किताबहरुमा सबै भन्दा मन परेको पछिल्लो पुस्तक हो - बुध्दीसागरको "कर्णाली ब्लुज"। लगभग दुइ बर्ष अघि पढेको होला। त्यसपछि मैले नेपाली किताब पढेकै छैन भने पनि हुन्छ

बुध्दीसागरको "कर्णाली ब्लुज" प्रकाशित भएपछी सायद उनका फुटकर रचना नेपाली दैनिकहरूमा छापिन्थेअहिले राम्रो याद छैन तर बुध्दीसागरको "स्वर्गमा ट्राफिक" या यस्तै कुछ मेरो घरमा हिट थियो दाजु भाइ सबैले मन पराएका र मलाइ पढ्न सुझाएका थिए मैले बुध्दीसागरको त्यो लेख/कथा/व्यंग जे होस्, अहिले सम्म पढेको छैन। त्यस पश्चात केहि हप्तासम्म बुध्दीसागरको लेखको प्रतिक्षा हुन्थ्यो घरमा म बाहेक सबै पत्रिका पर्खन्थे, बुध्दीसागरले केहि लेखेकी भनेर सायद बुध्दीसागरले त्यो "टेम्पो" कायम गर्न सकेनन या ध्यान अर्कैतिर मोडे, अलिपछि उनको चर्चा कम हुनथाल्यो घरमा शायद त्यसबेला सम्म बुध्दीसागरको "कर्णाली ब्लुज" पनि धेरैपटक दोहोर्याई सकेका थिए घरमा सबैले, बुध्दीसागरको कुरागर्न बाकि केहि कुरै रहेन 

मैले लेन्दाइको प्रसंगमा बुध्दीसागरलाइ किन जोडेको भने यसले मेरो एउटा कमजोरीलाइ उजागर गर्न मद्दत गर्दछ खै किन हो, पत्रिका मा छापिने फुटकर लेख/कथा पढ्ने जागर चल्न छोडेको छ आजकाल  पहिलो कुरा त म धेरै देशमा बस्दिन पत्रिका बिहानै पसलबाट ल्याएर पढ्नुको मजा अर्कै हुन्छ, त्यो बाट बन्चित छु जहासम्म नेपाली पत्रिकाको कुरा आउछ अनि नेटमा बस्दा सगै काम गर्नुपर्ने चटारो वा काम बाट छुटेर गर्नुपर्ने अनेक अनलाइन का कामले एकाग्र भएर पढ्न दिदैन 

फेरी कुनै कथा पढेर धेरै मन पर्यो भने, त्यस्तै राम्रो अर्को कथा त्यहि लेखकको पढ्ने खुल्दुली हुन्छ जुन नेटमा सम्भब देख्दिन म ((मेरो मतलब अर्को पाना पल्टाएर पढौ भन्न नसकिने क्या। । त्यसको बारेमा गुगल सर्च गरेर, त्यो लेखकका अरु अरु वेबसाइटमा/ब्लगमा लेखिएका कथा/रचना त पढ्न पाइएला। तर त्यसो गर्नुपर्दा पढाइको "फ्लो हराउने अनुभब छ मेरो चाही खासगरी साहित्य सम्बन्धि लेख पढ्दा)

उदाहरणको लागि हेरौ त गुरुप्रसाद मैनालीको नासो कथा संग्रह। एक से बढ़कर एक झक्कास कथा छन् त्यहाएउटा पढ्यो अनि सकियो त के भो, लगत्तै अर्को पढ्न पाइन्छ। अनि एकाग्र भएर किताबै पढ्यो, सक्यो त्यो मज्जा जुन छ नि, किताब पढ्नुमा त्यो छैन पत्रिकामा छापिने फुटकर कथामा त्यहि भएर म लेन्दाइका कथाहरु पढ्दिन

एउटा कुरा "डिस्क्लोज" गरि हालौ यहा नेर। मलाइ लेंदाई ले त्वित्तर मा भाउ दिदैनन।  त्यहि भएर यो लेख्यो भन्ने लाग्ला। तर म त्यस्तो झ्यास हैन । पर्सनल त्वितरका कुरालाई लिएर बायस्ड भएर ब्लग लेख्दै हिड्ने त्यो भएको भए सायद म पहिलो वा दोश्रो वाक्य तिरै लेंदाई राम्रा कथाकार हुन् भन्ने नै थियिन होला। तपाइहरुले बुझी हाल्नुभो मैले लेन्दाइका कथा नपढ़नु उनको लेखाइ मन पर्नु नपर्नु भन्दा पनि "टेक्निकल" कारणले गर्दा हो.

त्वितरमा यतैकतै सुनेको थिए लेंदाई ले किताब लेख्दैछन के लेख्दैछन कथा वा उपन्यास थाहा भएन। हामीलाई भन्दैनन अरुलाई मेन्सेको पढेर थाहा पाएको हो रेला गरेर भनेका थिए वा साच्चै हो उनै जानुन तर जे जस्तो वाहवाही उनि पाउछन, त्यसले पनि उनलाई किताबै छाप्न प्रेरणा दिदो हो

छाप्लान कुनै दिन मैले भनिहाले माथि नै उनको एउटा कथा पढेको छु "मकै" त्यहि आधारमा भन्छु म उनको कथा संग्रह "हिट" हुन्छ नै दुइटा कारणले एउटा ता उनका कथाका "क्वालिटी" ले। अर्को प्रकाशकहरुले अपनाउने हर तरहको बिज्ञापन गर्ने तिक्डम बाजीले

जे होस्। भरसक उनको किताबै हिट होस् यदि नभए पनि त्यो दिन उनको किताब किनेर एकपछि अर्का कथा वा लामै उपन्यास एकबसाई मै पढ़ौला नत्र लेन्दाइका कथा म पढ़दिन फेरी पनि भन्छु उनको मकै बाहेक अरु कुनै कथा मैले पढेको छैन  भन्छन नी "अकबरी सुनलाई कसी लाउनुपर्दैन" लेंदाई आफै चुप लागेर ता नबस्लान र आफैलाई कसी लाउदै होलान त्यहि भएर  एउटा मात्रै कथा पढेको भए पनि भन्न सक्छु उनको कथा संग्रह (छापियो भने) राम्रो पुस्तक पढ्न लायक नै हुनेछ

पीएस: कहिलेकाही म:म खादा लेन्दाइको "आइ हेट म:म" भन्ने हालसालैको ट्विटर पिटेको कथाको शिर्षक याद आउछ तर कथा नपढेको कारण सायद यस्तो लेखेका थिए होलान भन्ने सोचेर चीत्त बुझाउछु भो जागर छैन नेटमा बसेर कथा पढ्ने। म पढ्दिन लेंदाई का कथा।

Sunday, 26 July 2015

सोझै निर्बाचित प्रधानमन्त्री – यो कस्तो रहर! कसको रहर!

राजीब दहालको यो ब्लगमा लेखिएको लेख मिल्छ भने हाम्रो ब्लगमा पनि हालिदिए हुने भन्ने कुरा आयो. त्यही भएर उनको रिक्वेस्ट बमोजिम यो लेख प्रस्तुत गरिएको छ.

सोझै निर्बाचित प्रधानमन्त्रीयो कस्तो रहर! कसको रहर!
सोसल मिडियामा त्यति सक्रिय छैन. हुन कोशिस गरे तर सफल भैन. फेसबुकमा मेरो उपस्थिति सुन्यप्राय भने त्वीतरमा आक्कल झुक्कल देखा पर्छु. त्यहि पनि यता आउदा बहसहरु देखे मुख्यतया संसदले चुन्ने प्रम हुनेकी जनताद्वारा सोझै चुनिएको कार्यकारी (प्रम/रास्ट्रपति) भन्ने बिसयमा. मुलुक अहिले जटिल तर केहि होलाकी भन्ने आस बोकेर गुज्रिरहेको परिप्रेय्क्षमा मैले पनि योडिबेटलाइ आफ्नो बुझाइको दायरामा रही टिप्पणी गर्ने कोसिस गरेको छु. सुझाब को अपेक्षा सहित!!
धेरै पछि केहि लेख्ने कोशिश गरेको छु. मेरो आर्गुमेण्ट चाहीसोझै निर्बाचित प्रम हुदैन है!” भन्ने धारको किन त्यसो भनिरहेको छु त्यसको लागि तल हेर्नुहोला.
सोझै निर्बाचित प्रधानमन्त्रीयो कस्तो रहर! कसको रहर!  
राजीब दहाल
नेपालको नया संविधानको मस्यौदा आयो त्यसमा सुझाब लिने काम पनिसफलतापुर्बकनै सम्पन्न भएको छ। पत्रीकाहरुमा छापिएको रिपोर्ट अनुसार निम्न तिन बुदामा जनताको धेरै सुझाब आएको : . नेपाल हिन्दु रास्ट्र हुनुपर्ने, . सिमासहितको संघियता को घोसणा गरेर संबिधान जारी हुनुपर्ने, . प्रत्यक्ष निर्बाचित सरकार प्रमुख/कार्यकारी प्रमुख हुनुपर्ने।
आज मैले तेश्रो बुदामा केहि टिप्पणि गर्ने जमर्को गरेको छु।
तेश्रो बुदा हो: “प्रत्यक्ष निर्बाचित सरकार प्रमुख/कार्यकारी प्रमुख
प्रत्यक्ष निर्बाचित सरकार प्रमुख/कार्यकारी प्रमुख हुनुपर्ने वा नपर्ने भन्ने बारेमा बहस सुरु गर्नु अघि अहिलेको मस्यौदा को प्रावधान हेरौ। अहिलेको संबिधान मस्यौदा मा भाग लेसंघिय कार्यपालिकालाइ समेटेको छ। यस अन्तर्गत का प्रावधान हरु २०४७ को संबिधान वा अन्तरिम संबिधान २०६३ भन्दा खासै भिन्न छैनन्। जस अनुसार कार्यकारी अधिकार प्रधानमन्त्री सहितको मन्त्रिपरिषदमा निहित हुनेछ भने प्रतिनिधि सभामा बहुमत प्राप्त दलको नेतालाई रास्ट्रपति द्वारा प्रधानमन्त्री नियुक्त गरिनेछ।  यो पृष्टभूमि मा कतिपय जनताको राजनीतिक पार्टीको माग चाहीजनता द्वारा शिधै चुनिएको व्यक्ति प्रधानमन्त्री हुनुपर्दछभन्ने छ। यस्तो तर्क गर्ने हरु भन्ने गर्छन सरकारले स्थायित्व पावोस भन्ने उनीहरुको चाहना हो उनीहरुका अनुसार अहिलेको आवस्यकता यहि हो।

अब प्रश्न यो उठ्छ की के जनताद्वारा सिधै चुनिएको प्रधानमन्त्री/कार्यकारी प्रमुख (प्रम) ले सरकार कार्यकारी लाइ स्थायित्व दिन सक्छ? के यो नेपालको राजनीतिक बिकृतिकोरामबाणसाबित होला ?

यो मुद्दामा प्रवेश गर्नुपुर्ब एकपटक बिकसित प्रजातान्त्रिक देशका चालचलन पनि हेरौ। संसारको सबैभन्दा ठुलो प्रजातान्त्रिक देश भारतमा लगभग ७० बर्ष बाट संसदले प्रधानमन्त्री चुन्ने ब्यबस्था छ। सोहि ब्यबस्था छिमेकी पाकिस्तान बंगलादेशमा छ। अझै नजिकको छिमेकी साउथ एसियाको कान्छो प्रजातन्त्र भएको देश भुटानमा पनि संसदमा बहुमत प्राप्त दलको नेतालाई राजाद्वारा प्रधानमन्त्री नियुक्त गर्ने प्रावधान छ। प्रजातन्त्रको जननी मानिएको बेलायत युरोपका अन्य थुप्रै रास्ट्र जस्तै नर्वे, जर्मनी, इटाली आदिमा पनिपार्लियामेन्ट्री डेमोक्रेसीकै हाली मुहाली छ। वेस्टमिनिस्टर मोडेलकै प्रजातान्त्रिक पद्धति अपनाइएको छ।

त्यस्तै विश्वमा सोझै जनता द्वारा चुनाबमा बिजयी गराएर कार्यकारिणी अधिकार बिजयी रास्ट्रपति वा सरकार प्रमुखलाई दिने देशहरु पनि छन्।  उल्लेखनीय नामहरु संसारको शक्तिशाली रास्ट्र संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, केहि ल्याटिन अमेरिकी देशहरु जस्तै ब्राजिल, हाम्रा नजिकका देशहरु अफगानिस्तान, बर्मा माल्दिभ्स आदि छन्।तर प्रजातन्त्रको अधिकतम बिकास भएको देशको उदाहरण लिने हो भने केवल अमेरिका मात्र यस्तो देश हो जहा जनताद्वारा प्रत्यक्ष निर्बाचित रास्ट्रपति वा सरकारप्रमुख चुनिने ब्यबस्था छ।  अन्य सबै बिकशित विकासोन्मुख, आधुनिक राज्यहरुमा संसदद्वारा प्रधानमन्त्री/कार्यकारी प्रमुख चुनिने ब्यबस्था छ। कस्तो ब्यबस्था अपनाउने भन्ने बारेमा यो हाम्रो लागि एउटापोइण्टरहुन सक्छ।
संसारका सबै देशका प्रजातन्त्रका सफलता असफलता को अध्ययन गर्न ता साध्य छैन तर सके जतिको अध्ययन गर्ने हो भने के कुरामा एकमतता हुञ्छ भने कुनै पनि शाशन पद्धति दोष रहित हुन सक्दैन। छैन त्यस्तो ब्यबस्था संसार मै अहिले सम्म। त्यस्तो कुनै राजनीतिक बिचार छैन जसकोकाउण्टरनहोस। आधुनिक राजनीतिक शाश्त्रको बिकास गरेको श्रेय जानेप्लेटोका आफ्नै चेलाएरिस्टोटलले आफ्नै गुरुको बारेमा कडा टिप्पणी हरु गरेका थिए उसबेलामा। एउटामा गुण मात्रै देख्ने अर्को मा अवगुण मात्रै देख्ने हो भनेमेरो गोरुको बार्है टक्काभने सरह मात्रै हुनेछ।  तसर्थ कुन शासन पद्धति लाद्ने भनेर बिचार गर्दा के अहिलेको पद्धतिमा सुधार गर्न सकिदैन भन्नेमा पनि गहिरो ध्यान जानु आवस्यक छ। ल्याउन खोजेको नया पध्दतीमा अहिलेको भन्दा बढी दोषहरु ता छैनन् भनेर सोच्नु अझै बढी जरुरि छ।
अब यति भूमिका बाढी सकेपछि मूल प्रश्नमा छिरौ है।
के जनताद्वारा चुनिएको रास्ट्रप्रमुख चाही सधैरामनै हुनेहुन? कि कतैदुर्योधनदुषाशनले पो बाजी मार्नेहुन की? अनि यस्ता पछिल्ला प्रकृतिका आए भने तिनलाई तह लाउने सभा कतैहस्तिनापुरको झैँ हुने ता हैन जहाद्रौपदीसारी खोलिदा पनिबिदुरभिष्मजस्ताले पनि केहि गर्न सकेका थिएनन्। स्थिरताको कामना गर्नेहरुले यस्तो प्रश्न पनि कहिलेकाही आफुले आफैलाई गर्नु जरुरि छ।

नेपालको अहिले सम्मको प्रजातन्त्रको अनुभब हेर्ने हो भनेसंसदीय प्रजातन्त्रले नेपाललाई कुनै उप्प्लो तहमा पुर्याउन सकेन। तर यसले प्रजातन्त्रको आडमा कसैको तानाशाह बन्ने चाहना थियो भने त्यसलाई कुनै हालतमा मलजल गरेन। प्रजातन्त्रमा कुनै गतिलो प्राप्ति नभए पनि, प्रजातन्त्रकोमिस-युजगरेर देश समाजलाई हानी गर्ने तत्वहरुले यो बुझे की प्रजातन्त्र को कभरमा यो सम्भब छैन। यसलाई थोरै भए पनि उपलब्धि नै मान्नुपर्छ।
अब हेरौजनताद्वारा सोझै चुनिने सरकार प्रमुखले ल्याउने चुनौतिहरु:

यस्तो कार्यकारी प्रमुखले स्थायित्व ल्याउछ भन्ने तर्क पेश गर्ने हरु यो कुरामा प्रस्ट छैनन् कि कसरि त्यस्तो कार्यकारी प्रमुख हुदैमा स्थायित्व आउछ भन्नु सम्भब छ।यदि कार्यकारी प्रमुख एक पार्टीको तर साम्सदहरु चाही अरु भिन्न भिन्न पार्टीका बिजयी हुने हो भने त्यस्तो प्रम लाइ कुनै काम गर्न नसक्ने अवस्था पनि आउन सक्छ।उसका कुनै पनि नितीहरु संसदले अनुमोदन नगर्दिने अवस्थाले कुसाशन मात्रै जन्माउदछ। सोझै चुनाबबाट प्रम चुन्ने व्यबस्थाको सबै भन्दा ठुलो कमजोरी अत्यन्तै घातक कमजोरी नै यहि हो। राजनीतिक जानकारहरु पनि यो मान्दछन कि यस्तो व्यवस्थाले संसद प्रधानमन्त्री बीच अनावस्यकफ़्रिक्शनबढाउदछ। एकले अर्कालाई काबुमा राख्ने खेल सुरु हुने जुन कामका लागि यी व्यक्तिहरु निर्बाचित भएका हुन्, त्यस्तो बिसयमा यिनीहरुको ध्यान कम जाने सम्भावना हुन्छ। २०१४ को डिसेम्बरमा थाइल्याण्डमा यस्तै खालको प्रोपोजललाइ त्यहाको संबिधान बनाउने समितिले सोझै निर्बाचित सरकार प्रमुखलेसमस्या जन्माउने डरले खारेज गरेको थियो भन्ने कुरा हाम्रो लागि उदाहरण हुनसक्छ।

चुनिएको पहिलो दिनदेखि नैलेम-डकहुने सम्भावना छ। अनि हामीले खोजेको प्रम बर्षलेम-डकहुने अवस्था आउने ब्यबस्था कसरी राम्रो हुन सक्छ? नेपालको गएको दुइवटा चुनाबको नतिजालाई हेर्ने हो भने यस्तो खालको चुनाबी नतिजा आउन सक्ने सम्भावना केवल कल्पनाका कुरा होइनन। संसदले कार्यकारी चुन्ने व्यवस्थाबाट सोझै प्रम चुन्ने ब्यबस्था गरेको इजरायलले बर्ष (१९९२-२००१)मै निर्बाचन पद्धति लाइ परिबर्तन गर्न बाध्य भयो। अहिले इसरायलमा संसदले नै प्रम चुन्दछ। यो अर्को उदाहरण हो सोझै प्रम चुन्ने ब्यबस्था गलत भएको।

त्यस्तै त्यसरी बिजयी भएको प्रम चाही सर्बगुण सम्पन्न वा सबैभन्दा राम्रो नै हुन्छ भन्ने पनि कुनै ग्यारेण्टी छैन।सोझै चुनिने कार्यकारीका क्रिटिक हरु भन्छन, यस्तो चुनाबले केवलपपुलारिटी कन्टेस्टलाइ जन्माउछ। मान्छे योग्य छैन भन्दा पनि को धेरैपपुलर चिनिएको समाजमा कार्यकारी बन्ने लगभग निश्चिन्त हुन्छ यस्तो चुनाबको पछि लाग्ने हो भने भन्ने उनीहरुको तर्क छ। अगर कुनैसेलेब्रेटिलाइ प्रम देख्ने चाहना हो भने चाही यो चुनाबी बाटो उत्तम हुनेछ।

कुन बाटो रोज्ने ?
अहिले एक प्रकारको प्रचार चलिरहेछ कि सोझै निर्बाचित प्रमको व्यवस्थाले स्थायित्व आउने, शक्तिशाली प्रम हुने, बिकासका काम द्रुतगतिमा हुने आदि इत्यादि। तर अन्य देशका अनुभबले यी प्रचारहरु सहि होइनन भन्ने देखाएको छ। यस्ता खालका मागहरुलाई बेलायत, भारत, जापान थाइल्याण्ड मा अस्विकार गरिएको छ। यी देशहरुमा संसदीय प्रजातन्त्र संसदले प्रम चुन्ने व्यवस्थालाई नै मजबुत सुधार गरिएको छ। हामीसग पनि यहि एउटै उपाय : जनताले संसद चुन्ने, संसदले प्रम चुन्ने प्रमलाई देश, जनता संसद्प्रति उत्तरदायी बनाउने। सुधार यहि ब्यबस्था भित्रै , भित्रै खोजिनुपर्छ।
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